Nutritional Planning

A large part of our overall health,  fitness  and outward appearance is attributed to the nutritional approach that you follow on a daily basis. Weight management is critical to controlling the onset of many diseases related to obesity. Nutritional Planning is a very important component, combined with exercise to keep you healthy inside and out. Our Nutritional planning sessions incorporate very customized and hands on teaching , planning, cooking and preparing of foods to meet your nutritional and caloric needs. Special medical  dietary needs can be incorporated into the sessions (with written conditions by your physician) as well as having fun learning, preparing, creating recipes, shopping and learning about label reading and understanding, incorporating a grocery budget and learning about supplementation.

Private Nutritional Planning Sessions in your home/office
$799.00/ 10 sessions

Group Nutritional Planning Sessions for 2-3 persons (must all attend same date, time and location)
$599.00 /10 sessions

* a supplemental cost for foods prepared will be discussed and added into fee, Prepared foods are your to keep.