Nutritional consulting is available for those clients wishing to enhance the efforts of their workouts/training. A healthy and balanced eating program is created with your goals in mind. All nutritional programs will be custom made, keeping in mind any limitations, dietetic needs and medical recommendations.

A healthy diet is important to achieve overall fitness, as well as maintain a healthy body weight, and balanced body composition (body fat vs. lean body mass).

After a Nutritional Analysis is done, and a Nutrition Consultation in conducted, we will make the plan together, getting you on the road to successful healthy eating!

Whether your goal is to gain weight, loose weight, build more muscle or maintain your weight, but change the way you look or perform….a Nutritional Plan can be custom created for you. Remember, that all the exercise and effort you put into your fitness plan can be sabotaged by a weak nutritional plan, or no plan at all. Let me help you make the most of your time and effort, and reach your goals quicker and smarter! No fad diets, no meal replacements…just  learning how to prepare and proportion your meals using regular foods you buy at the grocery store.

Make your workouts count!
Make a healthier you!
Follow a balanced Nutritional Program!