More Muscle
More Strength
More Power

For those who are interested in just a bit more muscle then what General Fitness offers, or maybe a lot more muscle! We can provide a personal In-Home Personal Trainer to help you reach that level.

Each and every client who wishes to train in a bodybuilding or power lifting level, whether for competition or not, will be personally evaluated by our Executive Director and Master Trainer, Kathryn Connors. With 30 years experience, she herself is a competitive bodybuilder and national champion. Her expertise in the training and nutritional aspect of this sport is beyond compare. As a "master lifter" ranked power lifter, she will empower you with her wealth of knowledge and experience to make sure that you reach your strength and power goals.

This training can be very intense and requires a very dedicated spirit, but you WILL ACHIEVE your goals, and have the confidence and power that you never believed possible.

With a personal trainer and coach of this caliber, you will not only LOOK GREAT, YOU WILL BE STRONG, POWERFUL, and SEXY with your new muscular physique.

Contact us today to get stated on your new path to muscles, power, strength and sex appeal with your new physique!